Thursday, January 28, 2016

Non-Goverment Organisation "Guardians Of Ecology" From Georgia And A successful Project "Big Jump Challenge"


As a part of the project ''Big jump Challenge'',   we organized some creative and educational activities.  Most important were  informational meetings with local citizens, students and school pupils. These meetings deepened  their interests about the ecological problems that our hometown faces .
  What are these problems? Water pollution is one of them.Rioni, our  most affluent  and beautiful river,  passes through our city Kutaisi.  But it gets polluted due to unadjusted sewer system and the town dwellers rude attitude to the river. The hills and fields nearby the river are full of rubbish. All this pollution causes diseases for the creatures exsisted  in the river. To fight these problems we founded the NGO Guardian of Ecology in 13 March, 2015 .

Bela Kirkitadze : "Our city Kutaisi is famous with its history and culture and I am really worried when our foreigner visitors or tourists see streets and fields near the River Rioni  full of rubbish. I am happy for having a chance to fight against these problems as a President of the NGO guardians of ecology. The project was amazing, it gave us huge experience of working as one group all tohether  and it also became a perfect motivator to continue this useful job for our City."

          Because of all we've said above, the  river Rioni became the most common object of the protection for GOE. The number of activities had been rising day after day because of activities held by GOE as a part of Big Jump Challenge faces .


      All these activities and informations about the project were spread into society by the local TV and radio stations as well by the local press. The level of interests was high from the government or Non - government Sector with whom GOE had a strong partnerships. The members of the local authority and other NGO s actively supported our activities.


 Nanuka Qobuladze :
  "BIG JUMP CHALLENGE"  gave me opportunity to get such a great experience, introduce many interesting people in our country as well as abroad whose purpose were  to care about water pollution problems. We managed in Kutaisi to inform society  in a creative and cheerful ways about water pollution. Then  we have established an organization "Guardians Of Ecology" , where a lot of people joined us. I am proud of having a good team and keep working as the NGO "Guardians Of Ecology".

      Also we were contacted by the foreigners who had a strong wish to participate in our activities,  for example American , Spanish ,German , Egyptian and so on. Some of them were emigrants who have lived abroad for several years but they still worry about their country. They helped us with their ideas and used to send us photo or video materials.

            Also we were assisted ans supported by the
Akaki Tsereteli State University , where  exhibited the handmade things made by  school  pupils.


     The purpose of exhibition was to show people that its quite easy and important too to recycle waste. As a part of this project we have an Anthem of our organization. It was created by us and also we used to sing it after activities with volunteers.

Onise Qvachakidze:   "Participation in the project Big Jump Challenge had a perfect result for the NGO Guardians Of Ecology. All these results were expressed in society's attitude to the pollution  problems our city had. Having a speech in European Parliament has been a great motivator to go on such a great job: protect our Environment."

    The closing event of the ''Big Jump Challenge'' was full of cheerful and interesting activities. While “Big Jump Challenge 2015”  is over, our NGO '' Guardians of Ecology” is going  fighting  against the pollution and for the protection of the environment.

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